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Does the “Statue of unity” is the priority on India?

This is a purely immature blog with having some wage dream in mind. After all, I know it is not possible but when any system was created by us, there is a hope that we can change

Hello folks,

Statue of unity a monument of Sardar Patel. I am feeling very proud today as Indian. Tallest monument in the world, I mean wow. If we discuss all the monuments of the world then

China Spring Temple Buddha 128 M
Japan Ushiku Daibutsu 100 M
USA Statue of Liberty 97 M
Thailand  Great Buddha of Thailand 91 M
Russia Woman Representing motherland 85 M

Statue of Unity India 182 M.

But wait let’s see the mirror, Again I would like to ask the same question that does the statue of unity is the priority of India? , Let’s ask one more question, which one is the poorest country? By thinking about the hour, be frank I feel very sad. By my questioning, you can judge what exactly I want to share. If we take a correlation between this two questions then result end with one more question.  I mean why India is spending lot of money on monuments?  The conclude answer of the question which I found from people that I have written in the first two line of the blog maybe we can add two-three statements more like it would play a major role for Gujarat Patel community which some of them wants the reservation and oppose the government. It will become tourist place and foreigners will also come  To solve this two sides I take the help of math.

Statement 1: Does the statue of unity is the priority!

COST OF STATUE: 30000000000 ( Don”t count: 3000 Crore)  (State government cost: 2412 Crore)

I am not counting the inauguration cost, government employees which have attained inauguration and put their bill and claim from tribal department budget and many more. Which are not on paper

Statement 2: Poverty

For statement two I have taken 1 sub statements

Sub-Statement 1: 70% of the population lives in the rural area (Of the 121 crore Indians, 83.3 Crore live in rural area )

To work for them Gram panchayats are playing a major role so major budget was given by state government lets take a new variable number of gram panchayats of Gujarat

Number of gram panchayat of Gujarat: 14017

Gram panchayat average total budget: 1900000 ( 19 lac)


Let’s divide, = Gujarat government Statue  Cost / Gujarat total no. Of panchayat

=  2412 crore / 14017

=  1720767  (17 Lac)

Almost we can provide 17 lac to each gram panchayat.

I think we can easily compare that gram panchayats yearly average budget is 19 lac and as our divided value is same as yearly budget.  Now I would like to give a wage statement that if they have given this much money to panchayats then their budget become double.

One more proud moment is on the way, that there is one more project is going on for Chhatrapati Sivaji statue for 212 M in Mumbai Maharashtra.

The ultimate keyboard computer

Small but piece of hot cake


We most likely purchase iball keyboard and mouse more than that If it is for gaming individual than Logitech equipment suits better. Same as today I will present K2 keyboard From the primary look I can unmistakably say it is a keyboard but actually, it is a computer. K2 have PCB, GPU, RAM, ROM and I/O ports Storage device audio jack, VGA, MIC, Ethernet, USB3.0, reset, USB2.0, HDMI, DC jack and micro-SD card.


Besides all that marvelous options the keyboard weight is 1.04 pound (471 gm) solely. So, main profit is extremely straightforward to hold. Compare to all or any desktop k2 isn’t solely slimmer, lightweight weight, pocket-friendly however conjointly consume abundant lesser power. k2 consumes no quite 10 watts of power whereas a typical desktop would simply consume quite 60~80 watts. mountain peak needs considerably less cooling and should even utterly fan less. we tend to use chilling module composing of AL alloy radiator and graphite sheet to transfer the warmth to the stainless-steel plate. you’ll feel an entirely new computer experience.

K2 can easily connect with TV, projector, monitors, laptops. It consumes very less space on deck. K2 supports windows 10 home system. It could be used in the field of light office such as securities trading, PPT design, as well as sending emails, gaming, shopping, music, business, news and so on.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


It is very essential for a computer to run all our desired requirements. Requirements like High graphics games, Big software, tools. Let’s look at K2 hardware:

performance and heat dissipation, They choose Intel Cherry Trail-x5 Z8350 with 4-core 4-thread design and 4GB LPDDR 3 RAM, 64GB eMMC or Intel Celeron Processor N3450 with 4-core 4-thread design and 8GB LPDDR 3 RAM, 128GB eMMC.


There are 3 Versions are available for tiny computer

1)K1        2) K2       3) K3


  K1 K2 K3
OS Support Windows 10 HOME Windows 10 HOME Windows 10 HOME
SIZE 288MM*128MM*28MM 340MM*110M*30MM 340MM*110M*30MM
WEIGHT 0.67lbs(304 Gm) 1.04lbs(471 Gm) 1.04lbs(471 Gm)
PRICE 840HKD(107$) 1359HDK(174$) 2218HDK(284$)


A small magnetic tiny CPU just attracted me like hell.


Radical MOOV : A new revolution in transportation

It is a machine, not a toy (Hover board)

These days, innovation is quickly evolving. It is an aid for us. Inside a few years Cell Phones change into Smart Phones, Smart TV, Smartwatch, electric cars and numerous more things change into a snap. Today I am going to talk about an lovely exquisite example of a tiny piece of technology innovation.main

I don’t ought to say abundant, at intervals a second everyone gets drawn to it. Yes, Self-balancing Scooter; an electrical hover board. As being technocrat person I found a magnetic piece of hover board by Radical MOOV. It is an ultimate startup. This ideal hover board will definitely give totally different experience than China hover boards.diff

MOOV hover board steering control based on weight rather than the foot. Intelligent ride sensors help the board feel like surfing or skiing. To turn is direction is very natural and nimble. We should discuss the specs and toward the end, I’ll say one of the significant reason of interesting acclaim.

Body: The mechanism of hoverboard is an essential part so they make it with fully aluminum covered board

Motor: 36V 9” diameter

It is capable of carrying weight of 120kg and ride

Power: 2 x 350W

Top Speed: 15mph (24 km/h)

Battery: 6600mph (37V)

Charging time: 2.5 hours

Maximum Range on 100% charge: 12miles (20 km)


Last but not least, This is the quality of uniqueness


Wireless connectivity of Bluetooth with Android and ios platform supported


Through application rider can set performance as per requirement like 1)Dynamic 2)Intermediate 3) Pro 4)Custom, It is possible to customize the built-In LED light. Steering settings and balancing and many more options are available. LED lights communicate with riders profile and vehicle status.

The decks are completely interchangeable and rider can customize over the deck.

The central handle makes simple to hold once on the go. whereas China hovers boards area unit terribly laborious to handle. We all have heard about that the significant result people did not purchase the board because they are too expensive and China boards are blasting as Samsung galaxy s8 and bomb. Yet, the item is UL 1642 affirmed and the fundamental purpose for of accomplishment is 4 man of their on-field aces making this tasks one is an aviation engineer and electrical engineer. They are defining a new transport way and change is a law of the world, we are able to the vast revolution in transportation that helps to save lots of fuel and create native transportation simple.

[2014-2016] List of Honourable Prime Minister “Narendra Modi”all visits and Contract agreements , MOU


1) 16–17 June 2014                                Bhutan

600MW Kholongchu Hydro-electric  project, a joint venture between India and Bhutan
[60 per cent of the capital was provided as grant, the rest in the form of a concessional loan. The loan was repayable in 30 installments over a period of 15 years, with an annual interest rate of 5 per cent.]

2) 13–16 July 2014                                   Brazil

BRICS Summit Regular agreements

3) 3–4 August 2014                                      Nepal

the officials signed three memorandum of understanding (MoU) –
• Tourism development in Nepal
• Goitre Control Programme in Nepal,
• Co-operation between the state-controlled television channels.
• offered a credit line of $1 billion to the Himalayan nation for road and hydro-power projects.
• he meet Jeet Bahadur & family, a boy from Nepal who was being supported by the PM for several years.

4) 30 August–3 September 2014             Japan

16 agreements


(A1) Agreement on cooperation in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy:                                        (A2) high-speed trains:                                                                                                                                    (A3) Agreement on transfer of defence equipment and technology:                                               (A4) Security measures for the protection of classified military information:                                (A5) Agreement on amending protocol of double taxation avoidance:                                           (A6) Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) between India’s ministry of railways and Japan’s MLIT:                                                                                                                                                                             (A7) Technological cooperation between India’s Research Designs and Standards Organisation (RDSO) and Japan’s Railway Technical Research Institute (JRTRI):                                   (A8) Letter of Intent on the strategic international cooperation programme between India’s Department of Science and Technology (DST) and the Japan Science and Technology Agency:                                                                                                                                                                        (A9) Letter of Intent toward establishing a young researcher’s exchange programme between the DST of India and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science:                            (A10) Central Drugs Standard Control Organization and Japan’s ministry of health, labour and welfare:                                                                                                                                                        (A11) The field of education between India’s Ministry of Human Resource Development and Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology:                         (A12) Statement of Intent between NITI Aayog and Institute of Energy Economics, Japan: (A13) State government of Andhra Pradesh and Toyama Prefecture:                                       (A14) MoU between state government of Kerala and Lake Nakaumi, Lake Shinji and Mt. Daisen area Mayors Association:                                                                                                                     (A15) MoU between Indian Institute of Management-Ahmedabad (IIM-A) and Japan’s National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS):                                                                              (A16) MoC between India’s Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change and Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries:

5) 11–13 November                                     United nation & United States

(A1) Expanding Partnership to Advance Clean Energy Research (PACE-R):                                  (A2) Expanding Partnership to Advance Clean Energy Deployment (PACE-D):                        (A3) Accelerating Clean Energy Finance:                                                                                                     (A4) Launching Air Quality Cooperation:                                                                                                    (A5) Initiating Climate Resilience Tool Development:                                                                       (A6) Demonstrating Clean Energy and Climate Initiatives on the Ground:                            (A7) Concluding MOU on Energy Security, Clean Energy and Climate Change:

And many more like Global Issues and Regional Consultations , Defence and Homeland Security Cooperation , Economic Growth

6) 11–13 November                                          Myanmar

25th ASEAN Summit

7) 14–18 November                                         Australia

Bilateral trade agreement                                                                                                                                  Exchange of sentenced prisoners                                                                                                                     cooperation on narcotics control                                                                                                                        MoUs on tourism and cultural cooperation                                                                                               • Both sides inked four agreements, including on civil nuclear cooperation, sports, skills and water.  

7) 19 November                                                 Fiji

Three MoUs that were signed were

• MoU on Cooperation on exchange of information on structure and content of training programs for diplomats to foster closer exchanges between India and Fiji, as well as the Pacific region.
• MoU on earmarking of land for the Diplomatic Missions in respective capitals to provide a permanent location for the conduct of bilateral relations and will be an iconic presence in Suva.
• MoU for extending 70 million US dollars Line of Credit for establishing a Co-Generation Plant at Rarawai Sugar Mills in Fiji to expand the scope of bilateral cooperation in the sugar sector by enhancing value addition and addressing climate change concerns. 

8) 25-27 November                                       Nepal

SAARC Summit

The India-Nepal Bilateral Motor Vehicle Agreement for Passenger.                                          MoU on National Police Academy, Panauti                                                                                       Line of Credit of US$ 1 Billion
    [The LoC will be at a concessional rate of interest of 1 per cent and will, in case of civil works, allow JVs and reduced Indian content requirement of 50%]
MoU between Ministry of AYUSH, GoI and Ministry of Health & Population of Government of Nepal for Cooperation in Traditional Systems of Medicine.                                •MoU on Tourism between the GOI and GON on Cooperation in the field of Tourism.                          • MoU on Twinning arrangements between Kathmandu-Varanasi, Janakpur-Ayodhya and Lumbini-Bodh Gaya as sister cities.                                                                                                                          •MoU between India and Nepal on Cooperation for Youth Affairs.


9) 10–11 March 2015                                    Seychelles                      

 • Memorandum of Understanding between India and Republic of Mauritius in the field of Ocean Economy.                                                                                                                                             Protocol between the Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture of Republic of India and the Ministry of Agro-Industry and Food Security of Republic of Mauritius for the importation of fresh mango from India.                                 MoU on Cooperation in the field of Traditional System of Medicine and Homeopathy.   

10) 11–13 March 2015                                     Mauritius

 • MoU in the field of ocean economy                                                                                                          MoU for improvement in sea and air transportation facilities at Agalega Island of Mauritius   • Agreement was on import of Indian mangoes.                                                                                  MoU was also signed on cooperation in the field of traditional system of medicine and homoeopathy.

11) 13–14 March 2015                                   Sri lanka

 • Indian Ocean security cooperation and big-ticket development commitments were made.                                                                                                                                                                                  Fisherman Issues.

12) March 23rd 2015                                      Singapore

 • state-funeral of Lee Kuan Yew , First PM of Singapore!

13) 9–12 April 2015                                               France

 • Understanding on space cooperation, tourism, anti-terror training between the National Security Guard and France’s GIGN special ops force.                                                                                  • Investment and manufacturing deals amounting between $5 billion and $ 8 billion.             • $500-million port infrastructure in Gujarat to be developed.                                                             The commercial contract for the 9,900 MWe Jaitapur nuclear power reactor project.

14) 12–14 April 2015                                               Germany

MoU between French nuclear giant, Areva and Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd:       • Signed between French, Areva and L&T:                                                                                                 France to Invest in India:(about USD 1 billion)                                                                                   ISRO & CNES signed a MoU:                                                                                                                        France will partner India for upgrading the speed on the Delhi-Chandigarh rail line to 200 km per hour and help in re-development of Ambala and Ludhiana railway stations.

15) 14–16 April 2015                                                 Canada

The agreement on procurement of uranium from Canada for our civilian nuclear power plants launches a new era of bilateral nuclear cooperation:                                            • Two countries signed that also included a pact on space cooperation:                                       • Agreed for new framework for economic partnership:

16) 14–16 May 2015                                                  China

ISRO and China space agency to sign Space Cooperation Outline for Deep Space Exploration:                                                                                                                                                                            Sisterhood between Karnataka & Sichuan; Aurangabad & Dunhuang, Chennai & Chongqing, Hyderabad & Qingdao:                                                                                                                     growing trade deficit by expanding economic relations in Infrastructure, IT, Pharma, Agriculture and Manufacturing :

17) 16–17 May 2015                                                    Mongolia

Agreed to further encourage institutional linkages, including parliamentary as well as governmental interactions:                                                                                                                                   Agreed to continue to work towards further intensifying bilateral defense and security cooperation through exchanges of high and mid-level visits:                                                                                                                                                                                                         • Air Services Agreement between the Government of the Republic of India and the Government of Mongolia                                                                                                                                                                            • Agreement between the Cooperation in the Field of Animal Health and Dairy                                   •    Agreed to encourage Indian companies to further explore cooperation opportunities in Mongolia’s mining sector through joint ventures and investment

18) 18–19 May 2015                                                      South korea

Agreement of Avoidance of Double Taxation and the Prevention of Fiscal Evasion with Respect to Taxes on Income:                                                                                                                                      Agreement on Cooperation in Audio-Visual Co-Production:                                                                MOU for Cooperation between the National Security Council Secretariat:                                        MOU between the Ministry of Power of the Republic of India and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.                                                                                                                                               MOU between the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports:                                                                          MOU between the Ministry of Shipping of the Republic of India and the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries:

19) 6-7 June 2015                                                            Bangladesh

Sign the historic Land Boundary Agreement and the Teesta Water Treaty this time.

20) 6 July 2015                                                                  Uzbekistan

Agreed to strengthen cooperation in defense and cyber security:                                                    Ashgabat Agreement ,Expand cooperation on cyber-security:

21) 7 July 2015                                                                  Kazakhstan

•  Understanding on Supply of Chemical Products , Foreign Service Institute of the Ministry of External Affairs , Cooperation in Yoga and Traditional Medicine, Cooperation In The Field Of Tourism:                                                                                                                                                                             • Agreement Between The Ministry Of Youth Affairs And Sports Of The Republic Of India:               • Agreement on Cooperation in the field of Defence  

22) 8–10 July 2015                                                               Russia

BRICS Summit

23) 10-11 July 2015                                                          Turkmenisthan

Agreement on TAPI

24) 12 July 2015                                                                     Kyrgyzstan

Agreement on Defence Cooperation:                                                                                                       Agreement on Cooperation in Culture:                                                                                                          MoU between Ministry of Economy of Kyrgyzstan and Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) on cooperation in the sphere of Standards.                                                                           • MoU Cooperation in the field of Elections:

25) 12-13 July 2015                                                                 Tajikistan


 Cooperation (POC) between Ministries of Culture of India and Tajikistan in the field of Culture for the years 2016-18:


26) 16-17 August 2015                                                     United Arab Emirates


signed a Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement:                                                  Arrangements to transport:
27) 23 September 2015                                                             Ireland
The last Indian prime minister to visit Ireland was Jawaharlal Nehru in 1956, so it is a Relationship manage tour.
28) 24-30 September 2015                                                     Unied nations ,United states
Third bilateral summit with Obama
29) 12-14 November                                                                  United kingdom
Signed civil nuclear agreement

Investments details in INDIA:

Lightsource Renewable Energy   : 20,000 crore

Intelligent Energy: 1,280 crore

OPG Power Ventures:   29,000 crore

Kloudpad Mobility Research’s:  1,000 crore

Vodafone: 13,000 crore

Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Indo UK Healthcare Pvt Ltd10,000 crore

Merlin Entertainments: 500 crore

TVS: 200 crore

And manymore i didn’t added !


30) 15–16 November 2015                                                Turkey


G-20 Summit

31) 21-22 November 2015                                                 Malaysia


ASEAN-India Summit& East Asia Summit


32) 23-25 November                                                          Singapore


Agreement would comprise expansion of cooperation in five main areas , scaling up investment and trade , speeding up air and maritime connectivity; smart city development and urban rejuvenation

4th joint ministerial committee meeting

33) 30 November – 1 December 2015                             France


  Climate change conference


34) 23-24 December 2015                                                Russia


  16th India-Russia Annual Summit


35) 25 December 2015                                                         Afghanistan


Afghanistan Pakistan Trade and Transit Agreement would be advantageous for the whole region                                                                                                                                                                              Trilateral cooperation in view of India’s participation in development of Phase-I of Chahbahar Port in Iran                                                                                                                                                        Parliamentarians and civil society that contribute to mutual understanding and goodwill shall be encouraged

36) 25 December 2015                                                          Pakistan

Private visit


37) 30 March 2016                                                             Belgium

First India-European Union

Lunch meeting with CEOs and business leaders that was followed the remote activation of the India Belgium ARIES

38)31 March – 1 April 2016                                              United States

Nuclear Security summit

39) 2-3 April 2016                                                                      Saudi Arabia

Transformation of bilateral relationship in political, economic, security, defence, manpower and people to people exchanges:                                                                                                         MoU on Defence Cooperation signed:                                                                                                            Agreed upon the need to intensify bilateral defence cooperation, through exchange of visits by military personnel and experts, conduct of joint military exercises, exchange of visits of ships and aircrafts and supply of arms and ammunition and their joint development.                                                                                                Agreed to enhance cooperation to strengthen maritime security in the Gulf and the Indian Ocean regions:                                                                                                                                         Bilateral collaboration for humanitarian assistance and evacuation in natural disasters and conflict situations:                                                                                                                                        Agreed to further strengthen cooperation in combating terrorism, both at the bilateral level and within the multilateral system of the UN:                                                                             • Agreed to enhance cooperation in counter-terrorism operations, intelligence sharing and capacity-building and to strengthen cooperation in law enforcement, anti-money laundering, drug-trafficking and other transnational crimes:                                                           • Agreed to promote cooperation in cyber security, including prevention of use of cyber space for terrorism, radicalization and for disturbing social harmony:                                           • Bilateral institutional mechanisms in the field of trade & investment, energy, defence and manpower:                                                                                                                                                   • Signing of the framework agreement between the General Investment Authority in Saudi Arabia and Invest India:                                                                                                                                   • Agreed to strengthen cooperation between educational institutions, universities and higher research institutions of the two countries:

40)22-23 May 2016                                                      Iran


Policy Dialogue between Governments and Interaction between Think Tanks                          • Foreign Service Institute, MEA and the School of International Relations, Iran’s MoFA        • Indian Council for Cultural Relations and Islamic Culture and Relations Organisation of the Islamic Republic of Iran

EXIM Bank and Iran’s Ports and Maritime Organisation [PMO] specifying the current terms of credit line for Chabahar Port Project

ECGC [Export Credit Guarantee Corporation] Limited of India and the Export Guarantee Fund of Iran [EGFI]

National Aluminium Company Limited [NALCO] and the Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organisation [IMIDRO]

IRCON and Construction, Development of Transport and Infrastructure Company [CDTIC] of Iran
National Archives of India and the National Library and Archives Organisation of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Bilateral contract on Chabahar Port for port development and operations between IPGPL [India Ports Global Private Limited] and Arya Banader of Iran

41) 04 June 2016                                                          Afghanistan

• Inogration of salma dam

42) 04-05 June 2016                                                  Qatar

MoU between National Investment and Infrastructure Fund (NIIF), Ministry of Finance,
Government of India and Qatar Investment Authority (QIA)

Agreement on Cooperation and Mutual Assistance in Customs Matters between the
Government of Republic of India and Government of the State of Qatar

MoU between Financial Intelligence Unit – India (FIU-IND) and the Qatar Financial
Information Unit (QFIU) concerning cooperation in the exchange of

MoU between the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, the Government of Republic of India and the National Qualifications Authority/Supreme Education
Council, Government of the State of Qatar

MoU on cooperation in Tourism between the Government of the Republic of India and
Government of the State of Qatar.

MOU between India & Qatar for Cooperation in the field of Health the Government of
the Republic of India and Government of the State of Qatar.

The First Executive Programme for MoU in the field of Youth and Sports between the
Government of Republic of India and Government of the State of Qatar,

43) 6 June 2016                                                        Switzerland

seven agreements

The agreements are on investment and infrastructure, intelligence related to money laundering and terrorism-financing, skill development and entrepreneurship, tourism, health, youth and sports

44) 6-8 June 2016                                                   United States

Invitation to address a joint session of Congress
45) 9 June 2016                                                         Mexico
Sixth Meeting of the Joint Committee on Science and Technology
• Agreed that cooperation is key to promote the investment and the use of solar energy. The two sides agreed to explore ways and means to boost the objectives of the International Solar Alliance.
collaboration in space science, earth observation, climate and environmental studies, and the efficient use of space-related resources available in India as well as in Mexico for remote sensing, advance warning for disaster prevention and launch of satellites between the Mexican Space Agency (AEM) and the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)
46) 23-24 June 2016                                                   Uzbekistan
SCO Summit







My Clash of clans expectations!

Here,lets talk about now game. World tranding game from last 3 years “Clash of clans” .  Every 7 people playing out of 10 ! One of my favourite game . I just love it.


Wather ! Its superb idea that coc admis can appy!


First of’l i want to say sorry i didnt get high quality image but it is also nice and intresting futures that they can add and back option will take more money not 380 but 600 double then next.


One of my favourite option how many players are online in game. I need this because some friends are online still they are not donating so can easily demote


Ahaaa! I dont have words to describe this attribute . Maybe if my builder is free so i can give work to that builder and my upgradation will go fast. its make user free hand .


Umm actully its looking very attractive but its ok ok futures. If dual friend can play anytime means if one friend attack and second can attack after 12 or 24 hour so we can say 1-1 clan war
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Expected updates:-


Clashcon lets see!


Townhall 11. Everybody is waiting…
Unexpected updates:-


Hahah. It is funny! Really really funny


Wizard😘😘😘  Fake !

Clash of clan just change the life so lets play #ClashOn

Windows 8.1 WI-FI goes limited and drops

Hello friends,

My personal experience guys , I have Acer laptop and windows 8.1 . After 3 or 4 months  updated to windows(8.1) laptop drops Wi-Fi .  First  it shows me limited network and when I try to reconnect its shows me “Can’t Connect to this network”.   Suffering from in this problem from 7 to 8 month ! I have to restart my laptop to solve this problem but finally I found solution. [ For any kind of query contact me on whats app +919586861846  else]

Finally after check most of Wi-Fi drops link and so and so I found solution! Just try I am sure your problem will also solve . These are the following steps :

1)  Control Panel                 (View by : category)

2)Hardware & sound

3)Device managers

4)Network Adapters (Double click)

5)Qualcomm Atheros AR5BWB222 Wireless network Adapter (Right Click)

6) select Property> Driver > update driver> select from > browse my computer for driver software >Let me pick from a list of device driver on my computer

7)[mostly there are 2 driver shows but select this–>)Qualcomm Atheros AR5BWB222 Wireless network Adapter(Microsoft)   : then next and complete wizard I am sure your problem will definitely solve!

————————————————————————————————————————-                         Do this to make WI-FI problem Completely solve

1) On taskbar Right click on battery > Power option > Change plan setting > Change advance Power settings > Wireless Adapter settings > On battery  and plugin both do maximum power .

———————————————————————————————————————–                           1)  Control Panel                 (View by : category)

2)Hardware & sound 3)Device managers

4)Network Adapters (Double click)

5)Qualcomm Atheros AR5BWB222 Wireless network Adapter (Right Click)

6) select Property> Driver > Power management

7) Allow the Computer to turn off this device for power save   [ UNCHECK THIS BOX ]

How to Use Root Apps on Android without Root:)

Android as known by all that it is an open source platform allowing the users to customize and modify it as their preferences. The modification is known as Rooting.

But the process of rooting is lengthy and has trouble that if it got wrong the device may get bricked making the device non-working and stale in this case the device is completely ruined not able to function. The apps which work on rooted devices can be used also on the devices which are not rooted making the person to access these apps without risking the device. We are going to tell how to use root apps on Android without Root enabling you to have a great time using those root apps on your non rooted device.

Step 1

First of all you have to download and install the Xposed Installer on your
Android device to start the process. Through this app you can perform the
functions which a rooted device does and it is free of cost in availability.
It provides a framework to the device where you can install various modules
to perform several functions. Before installing it make you have enabled the
Unknown Sources option in your device.
Download Link:-

Step 2:

Now open the Xposed Framework app on the device and navigate to the download
section of the app, then search for Root Cloak. Tap on it and download the
file for the device. Install it after it gets downloaded on the device
Step 3:

On the Notification Bar of the device there will a notification of Xposed
Framework asking you to Activate and rEboot, tap on it and the rootcloak will
start after the device reboots. Allow Xposed root access to the device.

Step 4:

Restart your device and the Xposed Installer will start working, then go to
module option and select the Root Cloak to start using the root apps. It
will automatically compatible the apps to work on the device also you can add
apps to it for use if it doesn’t makes a certain app during the process and


The standard 4-byte format assumes that the beginning of time is
January 1, 1970, at 12:00:00 a.m. This value is 0. Any time/date
value is expressed as the number of seconds following that zero
value. So the value 919642718 is 919,642,718 seconds past 12:00:00
a.m. on January 1, 1970, which is Sunday, February 21, 1999, at
16:18:38 Pacific time (U.S.). This is a convenient format because if
you subtract any two values, what you get is a number of seconds
that is the time difference between them. Then you can use other
functions in the library to determine how many minutes/hours/
days/months/years have passed between the two times.
If you have read How Bits and Bytes Work , you know that a signed
4-byte integer has a maximum value of 2,147,483,647, and this is
where the Year 2038 problem comes from. The maximum value of
time before it rolls over to a negative (and invalid) value is
2,147,483,647, which translates into January 19, 2038. On this date,
any C programs that use the standard time library will start to have
problems with date calculations.
So the Year 2038
problem should not be nearly as hard to fix as the Y2K problem
Simulate the bug in a C
#include < span class ="code-
#include < span class ="code-
#include < span class ="code-
#include < span class ="code-
int main ( int argc, char **argv)
       time_t t;
       t = (time_t) 1000000000 ;
printf ( “%d, %s” , ( int ) t,
asctime (gmtime (&t)));
       t = (time_t) (0x7FFFFFFF);
       printf ( “%d, %s” , ( int ) t,
asctime (gmtime (&t)));
       printf ( “%d, %s” , ( int ) t,
asctime (gmtime (&t)));
return 0 ;
Output :
1000000000 , Sun Sep 9 01 : 46 : 40
20012147483647 ,
Tue Jan 19 03: 14: 07 2038 – 2147483648 ,
Fri Dec 13 20: 45: 52 1901

Do we have a solution ?
1.) Re-define the time_t structure as 64-bit.

2.) Change time_t from 32-bit signed to 32-bit

3.) Shift from 32-bit systems to 64-bit systems.